Language Arts

Language Arts

We follow a slightly modified version of "Daily Five".  Students work on the five components of Daily Five throughout the week.  These include: Word Work, Working on Writing, Reading to Self, Reading with Someone, and Listening to Reading.

W.O.W words: (Daily Warm Up routine) We work on approximately 8-10 W.O.W words each week. (Words of the Week). Each week there is a different word list based on a phonics rule. Students write the word list each day and also write a sentence using one of the words. Each day students are also challenged with a "Mystery Word".  Mystery words are words taken from a list compiled of the most frequently misspelled words in grade 3 or are words that go with a seasonal theme.  Using their personal dictionaries students are challenged to unscramble the letters and spell the mystery word correctly.  These mystery words are used as "bonus words" on spelling tests.

Words Their Way:  This is an individualized spelling program.  Students work on their words each week during Daily Five.  Each of the word lists in the Words Their Way program follows a different phonetic pattern.

Novel Study & Author of the Month:  Novel studies are read aloud books as part of the "Listening to Reading" component of the Daily 5 program.  I read the books aloud to the whole group.  We discuss each chapter and then students complete some kind of written/listening comprehension activity after each chapter.  Students also complete a research project for each of the authors of the novels that we read.

Guided Reading/ Book Club:  During Daily five small groups get a turn to read with me.  Each group reads a book at a "Good Fit" reading level for the group. We read the stories aloud and then have discussions about the book to help increase our comprehension.

Boggle:  As part of "Working With Words" each week we play a new Boggle game.  Students are challenged to come up with as many words as they can from the Boggle board. Students practice looking for spelling patterns and increase their vocabulary. The Boggle board is changed each week.

Journals:  As part of "Working on Writing" students complete one journal entry per week.  Students write to me and I write back to them. Students are challenged to build their writing stamina by writing for the whole period (approximately 20 minutes).  To demonstrate growth I ask that students try to add at least one more sentence to their writing each week.

Raz-Kids & Epic:  Each student has a Raz-Kids account as well as an Epic account.  Students work on these apps on the Chromebooks and the iPads.  This is part of "Listening To Reading".

Word of the Day: This is an "extra work" word work activity for students who are early finishers and interested in increasing their vocabulary and becoming "Word Collectors".  Each day a new and challenging word of the day is posted.  Students use the dictionary app on the iPad to look up the definition of the word and then use they are challenged to use the word in a sentence of their own. The idea is to expand vocabulary, help increase comprehension, as well as help, incorporate new words into their writing and oral conversations.

In addition to all of these great activities, students have several other activities to choose from during Daily Five.  There is a lot of fun learning happening during Language Arts!


Examples of some of the novels that we have read:

A kick off for our Rocks & Minerals unit

A kick of to our social studies unit on Mapping.

A perfect tie in to our unit on Animal Life cycles

A few highlights!

Scarecrow stories
Peach Crisp

Library field trip to meet author, Helaine Becker

Peach Crisp for James and The Giant Peach wrap up day.

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