Our weekly math routine is as follows:

Each month we focus on a new unit in math.  I use the Nelson Math series to guide much of my teaching, but it is supplemented with many other great resources as well.  I use the style of whole group instruction, independent written work, small group instruction and reteaching.

Daily Morning Warm Up:  Each day students work with a random "number of the day" to practice and reinforce a variety of numeracy skills.In addition, students practice reading a calendar, graphing, reading and recording temperature and writing and showing time on a clock.

Word Problems:  We practice a word problem each week.  Sometimes these are done independently in our math journals and sometimes these are done on white boards as a group.  We are learning the steps to solving word problems and looking carefully at what the problem is asking.

Kickin' IT Karate Math! Quick Recall of basic facts:  We practice timed math tests every day, 60 questions in 45 seconds.  Our goal is fluency/ quick recall of the basic facts. Daily routine: Students work in partners to recite math facts from flash cards, each partner has one minute to both recite the question and the answer to each other.  After the quick oral practice students complete a timed test. Students who complete the 60 questions with 100% accuracy move up a level for the next day. As students level up they earn "karate belts".  The goal is to earn all of the karate belts up to the black belt.

Math Stations:  Each day students work in partners at math stations.  In my room math stations consist of a variety of math tubs that are filled with games and manipulatives that reinforce and practice the skills that we learn during whole group instruction time.  During math station time I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with students who require extra help or re-teaching.

Add It Up:  This is a self-directed ongoing activity in the classroom.  Add It Up serves as extra practice with addition and basic facts.  Students are challenged to complete one Add It Up per week. After 10 Add It Up sheets are completed with 100% accuracy students receive a small prize.

Math on Chromebooks: Each Friday students have the opportunity to practice math on the Chromebooks.  I use the websites iXL and Prodigy.  I find that the students are highly engaged with their math learning while using these programs and a bonus is that the websites track student progress and email me regular updates.

Math Games Ideas:
For at home practice of math facts to increase quick recall, and mastery:

WAR: Play in pairs.  You will need one deck of playing cards A-9. Place the pile of cards in the center between the two players.  Each player draws two cards.  Add the two cards together.  The partner with the greatest sum wins and keeps all four cards. Play until all of the cards have been used up.  If both partners have the same sum then WAR is declared.  Draw again to see who wins.

SNAP:  Play in pairs.  You will need one deck of playing cards A-9.  Place the pile of cards in the center between the two players.  Each player takes one card and places it face up on the table.  The partner who says the SUM the quickest is the winner.  The winner takes the cards.  Play until all of the cards have been used.  The player will the greatest number of cards at the end of the game is the winner.

LET IT ROLL:  Play in pairs.  You will need two dice and a game board.  Make a game board with the numbers 2-12 going across the top.  Player one rolls the dice and adds them together, cross the SUM of the two dice off on the game board.  Player two then does the same.  If the number is already crossed off then the player loses a turn.  Play until all of the numbers have been crossed out.

A brief outline of our math units:

(Time line is subject to change)
September - Telling time & The Clock
October - Patterns in Math
November & December - Numeration
January & February - Addition and Subtraction strategies
March - Measurement
April - Multiplication
May - Division
June - Fractions & Geometry

Here are some highlights:

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