Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day all day!  In the morning with did a math activity with "Conversation Hears" and in the afternoon we read the story "Enemy Pie" and then wrote our own recipes for Friendship.  We finished the afternoon with Friendship Fruit salad and exchanging Valentine  Cards.  Thank you to all parents who were able to contribute fruit for our salad.  And thank you to Mrs. Sayers and Mrs. Tetley for helping us out all afternoon.

Winter Carnival

Here are a few pictures from our very own Mountview Carnaval! Inspired by Quebec's Winter Carnaval.  We braved the cold for an afternoon of fun.

Carnaval De Quebec. 

Show & Tell

Miley saved up $100 Super Bucks (Classroom money) to bring her pet hamster for show & tell.


Here are our "Cracker Box Guitars"!  This was the big project for the hearing and sound unit.  Students should now be able to demonstrate the difference between pitch and volume.
The pitch is how high or low a sound is.  Volume is how loud or soft a sound is.  The students can control the pitch by tightening or loosening the strings with their fingers.They can control the volume by strumming quickly or slowly.
Stay tuned...we might be performing at an upcoming assembly!