Wednesday, 19 April 2017

School Spirit day! School colours

Today was school spirit day, school colours (blue and yellow)!

(One of the grade 4 spirit leaders took our picture for us, sorry for the quality).

Easter Bunny Art

Check out these cute bunnies!  We created them with watercolour and marker.

In the style of Pysanky Eggs

For Easter, we made "cheater" Pysanky eggs.  We copied the intricate designs by using tissue paper and napkins and we covered our designs with Modge Podge.

Step one: Cover the plastic eggs with white tissue.

Step two: Cover with coloured tissue

Finished product!  Ready to be wrapped and sent home as gifts.

Mrs. Burke demonstrating real Pysanky.


Last week we had two special guests come in to present to our grade threes about India.  Our guests are originally from India so they had lots of great information to share.

Science: Building and Testing

Last week in science we did some testing of different shapes.  We were trying to discover if the arch shape is stronger or if the square shape is.  We tested with the weight of marbles, adding more marbles until the structure collapsed and then counting how much weight each held.  The arch shape was the winner.