Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hearing & Sound : Kazoos!

On Thursday we had fun experimenting with hearing and sound by building our own Kazoos!  We have learned that vibration = sound!

It was a full house in our room.  Mrs. Fedun's grade 3s also joined us.

And a video : Mary Had a Little Lamb

Assembly Performance

On Friday our class, along with the grade1/2 class performed "Winter Weather" at the assembly. This was an interactive performance. After the grade 3 performed the winter storm, they dispersed through the audience to teach/lead the winter weather song actions while the grade 1/2 sang.  You can see the full assembly video on our school's Facebook page.

Thank you to our music specialist, Miss Ramsden, for teaching us this fun song.

Snowmen at Night

Here is our latest art project.  "Snowmen At Night".  We used a technique with a blue marker and wet paint brush to make the shading on the snowmen.

Also, pictured below are some samples of a water colour snowman painting project that we completed last week. These are hanging from the ceiling in our room.

Skiing & Skating

January & February are skiing and skating months at Mountview!  We are so fortunate to have these activities and experiences right on our school grounds.Thank you to Mr. Vanderham, our Phys. Ed specialist, for teaching us these skills so that we can be active for life!

Thank you to all of the parents who have been able to come out and give us a hand with tying up skates and clipping on the skis.  We are thankful.

If the weather and temperatures hold, then we will plan to continue skiing and skating until the end of February.

Thank you to Mrs. Howard for the pictures.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Cultural Wheel & Sugar Shack

This week we had a guest at our school sharing with us some "Cultural" experiences.

We sampled maple syrup on a stick at the sugar shack and we learned the "Heel, Toe" dance.

New Year Resolutions

On our first day back for 2017, we set some resolutions!
Here's how the project turned out.

Flat Stanley

January 13th

Flat Stanley has made his way back from all sorts of interesting locations and adventures.  I am so impressed with the amount of work that your friends and relatives have put into this project.  I extend a huge thank you.
Here are some of the projects that have returned.

Vancouver, BC

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Kelowna, BC


Smith, Alberta

Airdrie, Alberta

Lacombe, Alberta

Kimberley, BC

Brooks, Alberta & Rainier, Alberta

California & Las Vegas