Saturday, 18 March 2017

Otis the Owl

Medicine River Wildlife Center and Otis the Owl came to present to our grade 3s on Friday!

Otis also has books for sale and can be purchased through the Medicine River Wildlife Center Website.

Four hoots is for a male Great Horned Owl and Five hoots for a female. Otis is a male.  Listen for the hoot pattern.
Our donations for MRWC.  Grade 3s pictured with, Erin Young, the presenter (and also the author).

                                         Otis waves goodbye when the students say goodbye.

St. Patrick's Day Dress Up

Friday was school spirit dress up day!  We had almost 100% participation!  Way to go grade 3!

The leprechaun was busy in our room.  Green foo prints and green confetti everywhere!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Peach Crisp for James and the Giant Peach

Today we celebrated the conclusion of our novel study. We practiced some more measuring while we made a peach crisp!  And then this afternoon we enjoyed our peach crisp while we watched the James and The Giant Peach Movie.

Measurement Olympics

Wednesday we had a little fun and put our math measuring skills to the test during the grade 3 "Measurement Olympics"!  Here's a little sample of a few of the events, including standing long jump, straw javelin throw, paper plate discus.

Guitars at the assembly

On Monday the grade 3s performed "Down By The Bay" on their very own cracker box guitars that they made in science! So cool!  Miss Ramsden, our music teacher really is amazing!  Science and music in one!

The performance video can be viewed on our school's facebook page.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

CCMA Nominated country artist Ryan Laird performs at Mountview

On Friday, we had CCMA nominated country artist Ryan Laird perform for us. His Show called "Bigger Than That" has an empowering message about treating others with respect and kindness and following your dreams!  He signed autographs for us too!

Here's Ryan's Website

Here's his "Bigger Than That" song

Miss Ramsden joined him on stage too!

Winter Carnaval

On Thursday we celebrated Quebec Winter Carnival! (Carnaval de Qu├ębec).  With our own Carnaval de Mountview!  We spent the whole afternoon outside enjoying our Alberta winter!  (BRRRR).