Monday, 29 May 2017

Building & Testing Final Project

Today we completed our final project for the Building and Testing science unit.

TASK: To build a creature that is strong, stable, sturdy and can stand on its own legs.

Students spent the whole afternoon creating these creatures!

Bugs and Butterflies

On May 25th we had a guest from Edmonton come and present about bugs and butterflies.  This was a very hands-on presentation!

Painted Lady Butterflies

On Wednesday, May 25th our caterpillars arrived.  We're excited to watch the butterfly lifecycle.

May 25

May 25

May 29

May 29

June 2, 1st Chrysalis starting to form

June 2 Chrysalis

 June 2nd 5 Chrysalises

Check out the size difference!

 June 12th Butterflies!!!

June 12th