Sunday, 21 December 2014

More Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas!
Enjoy a wonderful Christmas break with your family and friends.
We truly feel blessed to have such an amazing class!  See you in the New Year!
Mrs. Squire & Mrs.  Wilson

Here are a few pictures of the students getting ready for the Christmas concert.  And a few from our Christmas caroling afternoon in the gym, as well as the students opening their Christmas gifts from Mrs Wilson and myself.

The dancing pictures are a little blurry.  I had the wrong camera with me in the gym.  But you can't help but smile when you see the joy on the students' faces.

Here are a few pictures of the kids' face painting.  I painted Rudolph on their cheeks.

Celebrations Around The World

December 15th, The Grade 3 classes take a trip around the world!

In Grade 3 social studies we study four countries: Tunisia, India, Ukraine and Peru.  On December 15th we had a little fun taking a trip around the world to experience a little bit about each of these countries.  Each of the grade 3 classrooms was transformed in to one of the countries. Each student received a passport and a plane ticket.  We spent the entire day travelling to each of the countries. While in each country the students were able to taste a traditional food and make a traditional craft.  As well they filled in some interesting information about the country in their passport, including a picture of the flag.

While in Ukraine students braided, decorated and baked bread.
While in Tunisia students tasted pomegranate and made lanterns.
While in India students made clay elephants decorated with jewels, and tasted naan bread.
While in Peru students tasted Paneton and made worry dolls.
Here are a few pictures.


Olaf our Elf
On December 1st our class was lucky enough to receive an Elf from Santa.  Our Elf, which we named Olaf, watched us all day long and then reported to Santa each night.  He's a fun little guy.  Olaf is mostly nice, sometimes a little mischievous.  We loved coming in each morning to find out where he was hiding. He left many special treats for us over the few weeks in December.  Every morning we wrote in our journals about what Olaf was doing.
Here are a few of the pictures.

Christmas in 3WS

We had a great week celebrating Christmas this week!

The Polar Express

On Wednesday afternoon we read the story The Polar Express, By Chris Van Allsburg.  To add to the spirit, we dimmed the classroom lights and enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows while listening to the story.
Later that afternoon something truly magical happened.  Our school secretary arrived at our classroom with a package that had just arrived.  The package was addressed to our class from the North Pole, it was really cold too, so it must have come to us directly!  We were so excited to find silver bells for the whole class inside the package, just like the ones from the story! Santa really IS always watching!  The bells still rings for those who truly believe!

Click on the book cover to read a summary of the story.

Our package from the North Pole!  How exciting!

This is what we found inside the package, one for each of us!