Thursday, 25 February 2016


February 24th

Today was Pink Shirt Day,  A Canada wide Anti-bullying awareness day.  The pink shirt is the symbol for the fight against bullying.  Way to go, to these great kids who wore pink today!

Click here for a YouTube video that explains how pink shirt started.

Kindness counts!
It's COOL to be KIND!
You will NEVER regret being KIND!

100th Day of School Celebrations!

February 25th

Today we celebrated the 100th day of school.   Many of the students were very creative with their 100th day costume ideas.
In the afternoon we did a variety of  activities all centered around the number 100.
Check out the video at the bottom of the page of how we will look at 100 years old!

Sort and graph 100 smarties

Flip a coin 100 times...graph the results.

Brain Break.  Do 10 different exercises 10 times!

Here's a funny slideshow of what we will all look like at 100 years old. (Aging Booth App).

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Winter Carnival

Wednesday February 17th

Today we celebrated Quebec Winter Carnival! (Carnaval de Québec).  With our own Carnaval de Mountview!

We had a great time outside all afternoon participating in several winter carnival game stations.  It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Click here for more information about Carnaval de Québec.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine's Day!

Thursday February 11th

We celebrated Valentine's Day today!  A celebration of Friendship.

This afternoon we read  and discussed the story "Enemy Pie".  Then we talked about qualities of a good friendship.  Each student brought in 1-2 cups of prepared fruit for a fruit salad.  We labeled the different fruit as "friendship qualities" then we mixed the fruit/qualities all together.  Students enjoyed a delicious bowl of "Friendship Fruit Salad" while they read their Valentine cards. Afterwards, the students wrote their recipe for Friendship Pie which included the qualities that we had discussed.  It was a fun afternoon. Thank you, Mrs. Rea for coming in to help with our afternoon.

This is a super example of a Friendship Pie Recipe!  Nice Work! 

James and The Giant Peach

Wednesday February 10th

We celebrated the completion of our James and the Giant Peach novel study today!

The students have worked hard over the last two weeks on a re-telling activity.  They were challenged to retell the story in their own words, making sure to include important characters, details and settings from the beginning, middle and end of the book.  Once they finished their story they also did their own version of the title page for the book.  Check out our bulletin board display of the finished work.

To Celebrate all the hard work we made peach crisp and then watched the movie.  The students did a great job on the movie versus book comparison activity while watching the movie.