Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Readers

It was Christmas Readers day on Friday.  This is a Mountivew Tradition.  Guests are invited to the school to pop in class to class to read a Christmas story.  Here are a few pictures of our students enjoying the stories.

Christmas Art

This beautiful Christmas artwork is hanging decorating our hallways.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Concert Night

Here's my crew all dressed up!  Way to go 3S.

Flat Stanley's adventure continues

Here are some pictures of Flat Stanley's recent adventures in Victoria, BC, Melita, MB, Vegreville, AB.  Thank you for these amazing projects.  We are learning a lot of intersting things about communities all over Canada.

Show & Tell

Cooper saved up another $100 Super Bucks to bring his dog in for show and tell.  Senga is such a calm, well behaved dog.  It was fun to have her visit and to learn all about her.  Thank you, Cooper!

St. John's Ambulance

We had a special presentation about safety and basic first aid from St.John's Ambulance. We played a fun game with shaving cream to teach us how to get medical gloves off without getting blood or other fluids on ourselves. Then we practiced cleaning a wound and applying a bandaid.


Mrs. Kruger came and taught us a lesson on Coding, for #HourOfCode week.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Show & Tell

Gabe saved up $100 of his SuperBucks money to bring his Guinia pigs for show and tell.  Well done, Gabe.

Flat Stanley's adventure continues

Wow!  What a treat, Flat Stanley envelopes have been arriving daily!

Here is a list of a few more places he is back from  Arnprior, ON, Dundas, ON, Exshaw, AB, Mexico, Red Deer, AB. 

Choir kids

Here are our Choir students!  They were treated to a day at the Festival of Trees on Friday.  They performed with the choir and then enjoyed Candycane lane.  So much fun!

Healthy Eating

Barb, from ProSport Nutrition, came on Tuesday this week and taught us about the food groups and healthy eating.

Moustache Day!

We celebrated MOVember with our own Moustache school spirit day.  Thanks to our WE day team for sharing some information with us about why we see so many men wearing a moustache in November.