Welcome to my blog!  I'm excited to be able to share your student's learning in a digital space.  My purpose with this blog is to open up our classroom and share all of the exciting learning happening at school with our families. I believe there's a strong link between school and home communication and your child's success at school.

This blog will facilitate essential communication between school and home.  Have you ever asked the question "What did you learn at school today?"  only to hear the response, "Nothing!" Here you will be able to check in and see! This will allow your child to easily reflect on their learning and chat with you about it.

This blog will also serve as a newsletter.  Here you will see up to date information about what is happening in the school and in our classroom.

A blog is a great way to communicate back and forth.  You can comment to me and I will respond to you.  I hope you will sign up by email.  If you do, you will receive notification by email each time I make a new post!

Let me know what you think!
Mrs. Squire

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