Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last Day of school for 2015

December 18th!

Merry Christmas to my Grade Three family!  Enjoy a wonderful break.  See you in the New Year.
Here are a few pictures of the last day before Christmas break.  Pajama Day!

Happy Holidays! xo

Polar Express Day

December 17th

We celebrated the second to last day of school for 2015 by watching the Polar Express!  It was pretty fun to watch the movie and sing along to the songs that had been performed at our Christmas concert earlier this month.  As a special treat we had hot chocolate, marshmallows and candycanes while we watched.  YUM!

We were so thrilled to receive a very special delivery from the North Pole.  What a surprise! While watching the part in the movie about the special bell of Christmas a package was delivered to our classroom door. Santa sure is watching!  He had sent a bell for each one of us! And boy, were they ever cold coming directly from the North Pole!  How very magical and very exciting!


Candycane the Elf

December 2015

Santa sent us an Elf on December 1st.  We named him Candycane.  Each day we wrote about his adventures in a journal.  Here is a little collage of all of the fun that he was up to each day!  Candycane left us a letter each morning, and sometimes he even left us treats.  We especially liked the magic seeds that eventually turned in to candycanes!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Celebrations Around The World

December 15th

Today we had our full day "Celebrations Around The World" Social Studies activity.  All of the grade 3 classes participated.  Students "visited" four countries during the day.  In Peru they sampled Paneton Fruit bread and "Peruvian" hot chocolate, as well they made Peruvian worry Dolls.  In Ukraine the students made Ukrainian Paska.   In Tunisia students made camel silhouette/chalk art and sampled a banana coconut bake. In India students coloured Rangoli designs, made Diwali lights and sampled mangoes.
What a great day!  Thank you to our parent volunteers for volunteering their time and donating the supplies to make this day possible.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

School Spirit Day

Friday December 11th

Today was school spirit dress up day!  Our theme was holiday sweaters.  We have great school spirit in our class.  I especially loved Peyton's homemade shirt!  Now that's spirit!

Our Elf, Candycane, had also left a special treat for us this morning.  We had delicious candycanes to enjoy while doing our morning work.

It was Christmas Readers day today too.  This is a Mountview Tradition.  Special guests come to our school and read Christmas books to our students.  We were definitely in the spirit today!  We heard stories from three different guest readers.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

All Dressed Up!

December 7th
Wow, look at this good looking bunch!  All dressed up and ready for "Rocking On Top of The World" at the Christmas Concert!