Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas in 3WS

We had a great week celebrating Christmas this week!

The Polar Express

On Wednesday afternoon we read the story The Polar Express, By Chris Van Allsburg.  To add to the spirit, we dimmed the classroom lights and enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows while listening to the story.
Later that afternoon something truly magical happened.  Our school secretary arrived at our classroom with a package that had just arrived.  The package was addressed to our class from the North Pole, it was really cold too, so it must have come to us directly!  We were so excited to find silver bells for the whole class inside the package, just like the ones from the story! Santa really IS always watching!  The bells still rings for those who truly believe!

Click on the book cover to read a summary of the story.

Our package from the North Pole!  How exciting!

This is what we found inside the package, one for each of us!

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