Monday, 13 June 2016

Butterfly Life Cycle

June 1st
Our teeny caterpillars arrived on June 1st.  We received 66 teeny caterpillars.  We carefully separated them out, putting one in each container.  They grew very quickly!  Within a week, the first chrysalises were formed.  By Friday, June 10th all but two caterpillars had formed chrysalises.  Now we wait.  We expect to see the first Painted Lady Butterfly emerge by the end of this week!  Stay tuned!

June 1st

June 10th
June 11th

June 15
June 15, These ones found their own place on the ceiling.  All huddled together.

June 15th.  All transferred from individual cups to the large aquarium.

Wednesday, June 15th our first butterfly emerged!

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