Saturday, 29 October 2016

All about X-Rays and our bones!

Thursday, October 27th

Today my friend and neighbour, Dana, came to talk to the class about her job at the hospital.  She is a Medical Radiological Technologist (X-Ray Tech).  Dana presented about different bones in the body and showed several X-rays.  She challenged students to try to identify the bones that they were seeing on the x-ray and to identify whether they were normal, healthy bones or pictures of fractures.  We also learned how to identify adult X-rays versus Children's X-Rays, particularly in X-Rays of the hands.

Dana showed us an X-Ray of a patient that had swallowed a necklace, and reminded the students of the importance of not putting non-food items in their mouths, for example not chewing their pencils. This was an important message for our class to hear!!

It was an engaging and informative presentation. Plus, at the end of the presentation, she treated all of the students to "bone" treats that she had made.  Thank you, Dana!!

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