Sunday, 11 June 2017

#CanadaLearningCode week!

Wednesday, June 7th

As part of the # Canada Learning Code Week (June 1-8), we had guest Mrs. Kruger come and teach our class a lesson about coding.  I love how she had us try coding on a large grid on the floor first, physically taking the steps and thinking about how to make the "spirits" move once we sat down with our chromebooks. She taught us coding using the website "Scratch".  We spent two hours learning and trying out the program.  Critical thinking and imagination are just two of the many skills involved while doing coding, and it is so exciting to watch!  Coding is an incredible skill to have, and supports 21st Century learning!  Way to go grade 3.  Check out the website and give it a try!

Plus by participating in #CanadaLearningCode we were entered into the contest to win laptops for our school!  Yay!

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