Sunday, 30 November 2014


November 30th
Last week in science we talked about erosion.  We learned that forces on the earth such as ice, wind and water can cause erosion.  We discovered that the earth is always changing.  Forces on the earth's surface break up, wear away and move the land.  We completed a couple of notebook pages, read a story and also watched a Bill Nye video to extend our learning.  We are also in the process of doing our own erosion experiment.  We are looking forward to finding out what happens when a water soaked rock (briquette) freezes.
We were excited to hear Bill Nye explain how the hoodoos were formed.  Many of our students have seen hoodoos in Drumheller before!

For more information about erosion you can check out this really cool link from the OneGeology Website!  Earth Processes


Here is the conclusion of our rock, water and ice experiment.  We found out that water expands when it freezes.  When the rock thaws it is brittle and cracked causing sediments to break off of the rock. The water and ice, and freezing and thawing cause the rock to erode.

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