Friday, 23 January 2015


January 21st

Celebrations and Traditions in India

We are so lucky to have had a guest come and do Henna with us. Frances is mom to one of our students, so this was very exciting!  Frances, a Henna artist, also makes the Henna herself! This afternoon tied in perfectly with our study of celebrations and traditions in India.
Here are a few of the pictures of the super artwork that Frances did for the students.

Applying the Henna

Here are the before (the day of) and after (the next day) of the Henna designs.  Once the henna has dried the black paint washes off, what is left is a "stain" that will last approximately two weeks.

Here is a link to a website with more information about Henna. Art is Fun

While Frances was painting the Henna on each of the students the rest of us read this great book, Nadia's Hands by Karen English.  You can click on the book to read a "Goodreads" summary.

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