Sunday, 8 March 2015

Testing our Hearing and Caring for our Ears

March 4th

Today the students had a chance to do an experiment to test their ears.  The students worked in partners.  One partner wore a blindfold and the other partner held a rattle.  The partner with the rattle tested the blindfolded partner by shaking the rattle in various positions around the head.  The blindfolded partner tried to figure out exactly where the sound was coming from.  The blindfolded student also tried covering one ear at a time, or both ears, to find out if that made a difference to how they heard the sound.

Afterwards we debriefed and discussed whether they felt one ear was stronger than the other and if they experienced difficulty hearing when one or more of their ears was covered.

After the experiment we also talked about hearing loss, deafness and what we can do to care for our ears.

Here is a picture of a few of the students during the experiment.

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