Saturday, 30 May 2015

Birthday Cupcakes!

May 27th
I am so lucky!  I got to spend my birthday with these great kids!

Mme Rhonda and I share the same birthday so we thought it would be fun to do something together. We decided on a creative math lesson ~ "Birthday Cupcakes"!  It was so much fun.
 First the students were given recipes cards at random.  These cards were colour coded to make two groups. The students then had to look at their card to discover what "ingredient" they were.  Then they were challenged to put themselves in to groups of "wet" ingredients and "dry" ingredients.  After that, the second challenge was to turn their recipe card to the other side to discover what part of the recipe they were, what sequence?  Then they were challenged to put themselves in order from beginning to end in the sequence you would make cupcakes.  #1 was "preheat oven" all the way to the last card "decorate with icing".
Thanks for a great birthday, grade 3!

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