Saturday, 30 May 2015

Building Project

May 29th

After a month of testing various materials and building designs, the students were challenged to put their knowledge to the test with a final building project.  Students had to build a "Creature".  The criteria was that it had to be creative and had to stand and be sturdy and stable.  Students planned their projects at home with the help of their parents.  They were able to bring supplies from home. All of the building took place at school.

I was totally impressed with their creativity and learning!  I loved seeing the students solve and overcome problems that they encountered such as: tape not sticking, wrong type of glue or wrong type of paint.  Students talked to each other and even swapped materials in order to make things work.  It was cool seeing their designs come to life!

Here is a collage of the work in progress. The classroom was definitely a construction zone!

Here are a few of the finished projects.  Stay tuned for more pictures next week.

And here are the rest of the finished projects.

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