Sunday, 14 June 2015

Caterpillars ~ And a butterfly is BORN!

June 17th
Exciting News!  Our first butterfly emerged from its chrysalis after lunch recess today!

June 1st

Our baby caterpillars arrived on June 1st.  Unfortunately, we didn't receive as many as we had hoped for.  We set up our aquarium.  Students helped by collecting sticks and leaves.  We released 6 babies in to the aquarium on the 1st.  We have been watching them eat and grow and recording their progress in a butterfly journal.

We were so excited on Tuesday the 9th one of our caterpillars started to spin his chrysalis right before the first morning bell.  We were able to quietly watch as he finished his work and became completely enclosed!    Two days later another caterpillar made his chrysalis over night, without an audience. It appears as if the other four caterpillars did not make it.  They haven't moved in several days.

Here are a few (fuzzy) pictures of the two chrysalises that we do have.  Let's hope that in two weeks beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies will emerge!

Starting to form his chrysalis.

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